Michael Lohan is pissed that his alleged drug addict daughter allegedly bought drugs yesterday allegedly

Is Lindsay Lohan buying drugs?

Michael Lohan is mad as hell about the video X17 released yesterday of Lindsay Lohan and her friend allegedly buying drugs in Venice Beach (more here). Wait a minute, there’s drug dealers in Venice Beach? Well I never! Michael told the paparazzi agency:

“I can’t believe that Lindsay still surrounds herself with these shady people and puts herself in this position. These guys look like a bunch of thugs on the streets. Everyone around her looks so shady and dark.

“How does she ever expect her life to move in the right direction? I can’t believe her! Lindsay has to start to learn to respect herself a lot more, as well as her family and the people in her life that truly care.”

Why is everyone assuming that Lindsay was buying drugs? Give the girl a break. She easily could have been buying something like enriched uranium, weaponized smallpox, or graphic child porn. Let’s not jump to conclusions here until we know all the facts.


August 11, 2011 - 6:30 am