Abigail Clancy’s private nude pics stolen

Abigail Clancy’s nude pics stolen

Is there some law I missed that when you buy a cell phone you have to take nude pictures of yourself? Because it would have been nice if someone told me. I probably would have given out more cell phones as gifts. From UK tabloid The Sun:

Furious Abigail Clancy has called police after intimate self-portraits she had taken on her mobile phone were stolen. The model and TV presenter, who is married to England striker Peter Crouch, rang cops when she discovered the deeply personal pictures — including topless shots — were being circulated. And last night Abbey, 25, snapped here in another sexy new modelling shoot, vowed to find out who had abused her trust and how the pictures had been removed from the SIM card.

A source said: “This is disgusting. The thought of somebody else being able to get their grubby hands on these pictures is upsetting and embarrassing … She is determined to find out what has gone on and make sure the person responsible is dealt with appropriately.”

Abigail’s naked pictures were stolen from her cell phone and leaked to the internet? I guess that just means she’s been dating Justin Timberlake. Oh, and Abbey, if you’re worried about the rest of us getting our “grubby hands” on your pictures, you don’t have to worry. Once I finally do see these photos my hands will probably be busy.

September 29, 2011 - 9:15 am