That is the face of a man addicted to sex

Is Ashton Kutcher a sex addict?

Here’s the latest on the Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore saga:

ASHTON’S WEDDING RING: TMZ says that Ashton was “proudly displaying his wedding ring” as he was leaving a motorcycle dealer in Hollywood yesterday. To be fair, I’ve heard that wedding rings are a great way to pull pussy, so I’m not too sure how much we can read into that.

TWITTER: There were reports earlier today that Ashton unfollowed Demi on Twitter. That’s actually not true — he still follows her (@mrskutcher). But he also follows MC Hammer (@MCHammer), so again, I’m not sure how much we can read into this.

SEX ADDICTION?: Ashton must be seriously jonesing for some pussy right now if this report from the Chicago Sun Times is true:

According to a close associate of Demi Moore’s, the actress believes Kutcher has “sex addict issues, but he won’t agree to get help or any kind of counseling.” Several sources also confirm Star magazine’s claim the couple have been quietly separated for a number of months …

Ashton’s a “sex addict”? I thought the technical term for that was “man.” The real question behind this story is what is wrong with the casting directors for Two and a Half Men? Why can’t they find one actor who isn’t consumed by poon? To avoid this whole situation again, they should have just hired someone who wouldn’t have been tempted by the charms of a woman — i.e. someone that was more professional  . . . or named Anderson Cooper.


September 30, 2011 - 5:00 pm