Stacy Keibler is awesome

Stacy Keibler at the premiere of The Ides of March in L.A. (9/27)

Great news for those of you who’ve always wanted to see Stacy Keibler’s ass (like me!). From Life & Style:

Stacy Keibler will be featured in a new 248-page coffee-table book, Culo (which means buttocks in Italian), by Raphael Mazzucco. The book features backside-inspired photographs and art pieces by Mazzucco — and the former female wrestler takes it all off for art!

“Stacy posed for the book in June at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” an insider tells Life & Style.

Although Stacy declined to pose for Playboy, she certainly had no problem taking off her clothes for the sake of fashion photographer Mazzucco’s art.

Stacy wouldn’t take her clothes off for Playboy but she has no problem taking them off in the name of art? Tell you what Stacy, you may not know this (or anything else) about me, but I too am considered a bit of an artist. So why don’t you come over to my mom’s basement, take your clothes off, and I’ll sit quietly in the dark corner and, um, paint. Yep, that sound you’re hearing is definitely me painting.



September 30, 2011 - 1:45 pm