The Olsen twins are jealous

Elizabeth Olsen at the New York Film Festival premiere of Martha Marcy May Marlene (10/11)

Like any good older sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have completely supported their younger sister Elizabeth and her acting ambitions. Um, until she started becoming more successful than them. From the Chicago Sun Times:

Though Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s team insist they have nothing but love for their little sister, Elizabeth Olsen — and are thrilled by her fast-rising career — a source close to the twins says the older Olsens are feeling a bit of sibling jealousy. Elizabeth’s “Martha Marcy May Marlene” already is stirring Oscar buzz for the young actress, something that never has been experienced by her older sisters. But then, the twins benefit from a billion-dollar endorsement biz, thanks to their early success on “Full House.”

According to my source, Ashley and Mary-Kate did show up for their sis’ big New York Film Festival premiere of her movie, “but stayed the mere minimum. … It sure looks like they really didn’t want to be there. Playing supporting roles is not something they’re used to.”

Sure, Elizabeth is getting Oscar buzz and has a new movie coming out, but that’s no reason for her sisters to be jealous. No, the reason her sisters should be jealous is because she’s the one sibling in the family who doesn’t look like Gollum. The bottom line to this story is that no matter how rich you are, there’s always someone else that has something that you want — like in this case, a face that wouldn’t scare Medusa.


October 21, 2011 - 12:45 pm