This is not going well

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries out and about in New York (10/5)

You may not have heard about this (there wasn’t much in the news about it), but Kim Kardashian actually got married to NBA “star” Kris Humphries in August. “Going well” is not exactly the words I’d use to describe their life together so far. A source told the National Enquirer:

“Kris thought he could handle living with his every move followed by a reality TV camera crew – but not he is having second thoughts. He believed Kim’s hunger for the spotlight would tail off after the wedding, but it’s just gotten worse. He thinks she is more obsessed with being famous than having a happy marriage. [He thinks] he is nothing more than a prop for Kim’s photo ops.”

Oh, well that doesn’t sound too bad. They can definitely work through these problems with a little counseling. At least they’re not fighting over money . . .

“[Kim] constantly says things like, ‘At least one person in this family is bringing in a paycheck.’ It sickens Kris that Kim will spend tens of thousands of dollars a week on her appearance, and refuses to wear the same thing twice. It’s things like this that make him want out off the marriage. Kris is going to give the relationship a bit more time – but if things don’t change, he’s out!”

Sorry Kris, you don’t get any sympathy from us. You knew going in to this that your future wife was a money-crazed attention whore. Did you think that would change once you put a ring on her finger? No, the only way Kris will ever be able to really gain Kim’s love and respect is if he suddenly starts to piss nickels or sells advertising space on his forehead. “The man of my dreams!”



October 17, 2011 - 6:30 am