Kristin Cavallari is in love again

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler back together

After being dumped in an especially cruel way by him a few months ago, Kristin Cavallari somehow found it in her heart to forgive Jay Cutler and the two are now back together. Also, she had rent due so what the hell was she supposed to do? From the Chicago Sun Times:

It sure seems like the Jay Cutler-Kristin Cavallari reconciliation is continuing right on track, with the actress back in town and seen with her ex-fiance all over town, including a cozy sighting at Public House over the weekend. Friends of the reconnected couple say the duo are taking it slowly but are happy to be back together.

What a shock — now that the football season is in full swing and no longer in peril of a work stoppage, Kristen is once again dating Jay. I wonder what the motivation could be behind this reconciliation? Hint: $$$$. I guess this just shows that when an attention-seeking reality star dates a professional athlete, she only wants to be with the ones that are actually working — which means Kris Humphries better start looking for a good divorce lawyer.


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October 19, 2011 - 8:00 am