Rihanna is not very good at this ‘real estate’ thing

Rihanna’s crappy house

Rihanna should probably just rent from now on. From the Daily Mail:

Rihanna has put her leaking Beverly Hills home up for sale at a $2.4m loss. The singer is selling the mansion at a massive loss [list price: $4.5 million] having paid $6.9m for the 10 bedroom home two years ago. She claims the home is so poorly built that it leaks water and is virtually uninhabitable.

Rihanna, 23, is suing the former owner of the 8,500sq ft home as well as her estate agent and the property inspector who looked over the home before she bought it. In a lawsuit filed in August she claimed the home was “laden with construction defects.”

Uh Rihanna, good luck selling this house when you’ve said it’s “poorly built,” “uninhabitable,” and a “major fixer.” While she’s at it, Rihanna might as well tell prospective buyers that it’s a former toxic waste dump — or even worse — located in Detroit. No, if Rihanna ever wants to get any of her money back from that house, she’s going to have to do what any mobster smart business person would do in this situation: burn it down and collect the insurance.


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November 11, 2011 - 1:45 pm