Tara Reid’s ‘husband’ only wanted a green card. Yeah, I can believe that.

Tara Reid and Zack Kehayov outside BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood (9/24)

Tara Reid admitted last week that her quickie wedding to Zack Kehayov in Greece a few months ago “wasn’t real.” Which is shocking of course . . . Tara Reid can remember things that happened a few months ago? Amazing. From Life & Style:

A close associate of Tara’s tells Life & Style exclusively that the actress believes Zack was only interested in marrying her to attain citizenship in the United States.

“It wasn’t legal,” the associate of Tara’s exclusively confirms to Life & Style. “They knew they’d need to renew their vows back in the U.S. to make it legal.” But it never happened. “Zack was all over Tara to redo the marriage, but she wanted to take her time.”

Zack told Tara “he was some sort of wealthy playboy — but he’s not. Now Tara thinks Zack may have only married her for a green card.”

A sad day for the sanctity of marriage, is it not? Tara, I think you need my help, and I can counsel you if you’d like. When I’m not training for the UFC or picking pockets at Occupy Wall street, you can find me preaching the word at the Lancaster, PA YMCA. I can tell you that there definitely IS someone out there for you, Tara. As a matter of fact, who needs that dirty foreigner? I can think of two people that would absolutely look past your tapioca pudding-like belly or your pepperoni nipples: Jack Daniel and Captain Morgan. They’ve never left you, and they never will.

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November 4, 2011 - 5:00 pm