Derek Hough is tapping that ass

Nicole Scherzinger leaving Good Morning America studios in New York (10/12)

I would say going from banging Lauren Conrad to Nicole Scherzinger is a definite upgrade, especially if you’re a vaguely heterosexual/homosexual/asexual dancer. From Life & Style:

It didn’t take long for Derek Hough to get over Lauren Conrad! Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the Dancing With the Stars pro is hooking up with his former partner Nicole Scherzinger.

“Ever since Nicole broke up with [race-car driver Lewis Hamilton], she’s been hanging out with Derek,” a friend of the dancer tells Life & Style. “He 100 percent acts like he’s her boyfriend.”

Even in front of Lauren! On Nov. 10, Derek, 26, was all over Nicole, 33, right in front of his ex, 25, at the opening of Greystone Manor Supperclub in LA. “He didn’t leave Nicole’s side,” says a partygoer. “Lauren tried her best to avoid him.”

Who knew being a male dance instructor meant you could pull so much hot ass? I just thought it meant you liked leotards and drinks with umbrellas. Now that I think about it though, I totally see what this guy is doing. He’s trying to fit in with these chicks by disarming them with his flamboyant outfits, excessive hair products, and feminine profession. It’s a good strategy, but he could have just done what I do to accomplish the same thing — use wit and charm . . . and by “wit and charm” I mean “threats and chloroform.”



December 6, 2011 - 12:45 pm