Scarlett Johansson has it all figured out

Scarlett Johansson in the December issue of Interview magazine

Scarlett Johansson has finally figured out how the whole Occupy Wall Street movement can have a real impact on our country. Or at least she certainly thinks she has. It’s so cute when celebrities think they know what the fuck they’re talking about! From her interview with Interview magazine (yes, that actually exists):

“You know, if Occupy Wall Street was actually a march, and people from all around the country could collect and march toward Washington, D.C., as part of this massive movement of people… I think that kind of pressure is more powerful than a sit-in that seems a little more unorganized.

“I do feel positive about what’s happening. I think that with all these movements, and this growing collective voice that’s emerging, people are starting to come out of the kind of dazed state they were in for so many years.”

Awe, isn’t that just the most precious thing ever? The china doll wants to put on a pantsuit and do some head scratchin’. It’s nice to see a broad pretending to play politics, but just like children, Scarlett Johansson should be seen and not heard. The ex Mrs. Ryan Reynolds’ time would be better spent fussing over dresses or keeping her make-up tidy instead of wasting it via worrying about things that go above her head (i.e., men’s work). Scarlett, I say this with all due respect: when I need to know you opinion, I’ll look at your nude pics. Now be a dear and go wait in the car.

December 1, 2011 - 5:00 pm