Kim Kardashian’s doing daytime, and no, “daytime” is not the name of an athlete

Kim Kardashian leaving Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills (1/12)

Well this should be interesting . . . and by “interesting” I mean “fucking terrible.” From Kim Kardashian’s blog last week:

I’m so excited to reveal that I will be co-hosting Live! with Kelly, with the wonderful Kelly Ripa on January 23!! I’ve been wanting to share this news for weeks now!! I can’t wait to see Kelly! Xo

This will be a first. I’m pretty sure that the terms “golden shower,” “Cleveland steamer,” and “interracial porn” will be uttered for the first time in the history of this show (well, not interracial porn, I here that Regis is quite the character). I actually can’t wait to see how this goes. Sure, 10 million women tune in every morning to watch hours of light-hearted banter, but there’s no way that the moment will be bigger or fatter than Kim. After all, her first work in front of a camera got her an AVN award.


January 16, 2012 - 6:30 am