Dina Lohan now pimping out her youngest kid

Dina Lohan arriving to Lindsay’s court hearing in L.A. (2/22)

What, you thought Dina Lohan only was only exploiting Lindsay and Ali? Nope, if you’re a Lohan and you can walk, you better start making the family some money. From GossipDavid:

Dina Lohan’s been in Los Angeles with her youngest son Cody — who’s on school break — hanging out with Lindsay and working. Cody loves the West Coast, and Dina say he’s been spending a lot of time surfing. In fact, he’s become such a surfing aficionado, that manager Dina is signing Cody to a sponsor for surfing, GossipDavid has learned.

Next up for Dina is to head back to New York, and support Lindsay as she prepares to host Saturday Night Live next weekend. Plus, Dina’s returning to the East Coast to work on a film with her eldest son, Michael Jr., 23.

There’s no quit in White Oprah, I’ll give her that. Most stage moms give the life up when the toddler snorts the tiara, but Dina is certainly not your average stage mom. So what if the only solid foods Meal Ticket #1 ever eats are tequila worms? At least Lindsay works. Up until now, lazy-ass Cody has been too busy with “homework” and “college applications” to earn his keep. I’m with momma Lohan on this one. Put those other two ginger hookers to work before the china white takes hold. Hey, they have the former star of Herbie Fully Loaded for guidance, what could possibly go wrong?


February 24, 2012 - 10:15 am