Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend is a curse

Erin Heatherton in all of her glory

Is Leo DiCaprio’s fabulously hot girlfriend Erin Heatherton actually cursed and destined to lead him to failure and a lifetime of unachieved goals? Sure, why not. From the National Enquirer:

Rightly superstitious Leonardo Dicaprio freaked when model galpal Erin Heatherton waltzed into his pad and plunked a golden plastic Oscar statuette on his dresser just days before nominations were announced – and told him that’s how absolutely sure she felt that he’d win the REAL solid gold for his title role as the FBI’s legendary leader in “J. Edgar.” Agitated, Leo howled: “Ohmigod! Get that out of here. You’re going to jinx the whole thing!” Snatching up Fake Golden Guy and handing it back to Erin, he told her to dispose of it quick! But…too late, Leo. Your worst fears realized! (Print Edition – 2/20)

Here it is. This is the out that mama’s boy Leo was looking for. Remember a few weeks ago, when Erin and Irmelin were making nice for the camera, but were shooting daggers at each other through clenched teeth? Well, this is the end game. Leo didn’t lose his shit because of some stupid throw-away statue — he lost his shit because he’s looking for any reason to sever ties with Erin. No matter how hot these broads are, mommy dearest has the last word on each and every one of them. In economist terms, she is the invisible hand guiding Leo through the free market of life. I bet you didn’t think you’d see an Adam Smith reference on Celebslam today, did you? BAM, motherfucker.


February 20, 2012 - 5:00 pm