Pray for Tommy

Gisele in Costa Rica last August

The New York Post managed to get a hold of an email Gisele sent to all of her beautiful (*I’m assuming) friends and family about the upcoming Super Bowl featuring her husband Tom Brady. And it’s pretty damn whiny considering Tom and Gisele are worth a combined bajillion dollars and the outcome of Sunday’s game — positive or negative — will have little to no impact on their future life together whatsoever:

“I feel Tommy really needs our prayer, our support and love at this time,” Bundchen wrote in the message sent out to Brady-clan insiders. “My sweet friends and family. This sunday will be a really important day in my husband’s life. He and his team worked so hard to get to this point and now they need us more than ever to send them positive energy so they can fulfill their dream of winning this super bowl . . . So I kindly ask all of you to join me on this positive chain and pray for him, so he can feel confident, healthy and strong. Envision him happy and fulfilled experiencing with his team a victory this sunday.

“Thank you for your love and support. Love, G :)”

Awe, look at what doll face Gisele Bundchen prays for. Isn’t that sweet? Here’s a list of things I pray for:

  • World peace
  • A cure for cancer
  • For models and starlets to let me have a few hours of sleep between rounds of lovemaking

Here’s what I don’t pray for:

  • Multimillionaire NFL quarterbacks with supermodel wives to win a fourth Super Bowl

Gisele, you and your kissable face are adorable. I love how innocent you are, but lets be honest, I think we can all agree that God has blessed you and your boy toy enough. How ’bout throwing me some scraps?


February 3, 2012 - 6:30 am