Kate Upton is probably getting the cover

Kate Upton at her day job

Top heavy model Kate Upton is the odds on favorite to grace the cover of the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which will be revealed next Monday and why are you still reading this and not clicking on all the pictures? From the New York Post:

Mark Sanchez love interest Kate Upton could inch out other top models to clinch the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition cover.

Michigan-born Upton, 19, who made her SI Swimsuit debut last year, was at yesterday’s ribbon-cutting at Lincoln Center to mark the kickoff of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but the bombshell played coy about her chances of landing the cover — a guaranteed giant career boost.

“All I can really say is that I’m in the issue,” Upton told Page Six, adding that she’s missing the New York shows because she’ll be promoting the SI issue, including at a launch party at Pure in Las Vegas next week, where Bruno Mars will perform. But she added, “Fingers crossed!”

Oh, so that’s why Mark Sanchez looked terrible late in the season. I wondered why he kept smelling his fingers during games. You know, that Kate Upton deserves the hell out of that Sports Illustrated cover. Now that I think about it, she pretty much deserves a winner like me and not Mark — he couldn’t even guide the Jets into the playoffs (what a fail-turd). Kate, what do you say to you, me, my ’91 Hyundai Excel, and a romantic drive through the Latin Kings section of Newark, NJ? As the city motto says, “Come for the cherry blossoms, stay for the martial law.”

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February 10, 2012 - 8:00 am