Russell Simmons has no chance

Katy Perry at the 20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Viewing Party held at West Hollywood Park (2/26)

Russell Simmons — who, mind you, looks like a god damn space alien — thinks he actually has a shot with Katy Perry. Awww, how delusional. From the New York Daily News:

[At the Weinstein Company’s pre-Oscar party], newly single Russell Simmons looked like he might want to develop something with [Katy] Perry when her ran into her in the hallway that joined the front room of the Soho House to the backroom and asked for her phone number.

Someone needs to sit down with old man Russell and put a mirror in front of him. Does he know how unattractive he is? Why would Katy Perry give him anything but the cold shoulder? She’s a bigger star with her own money. She doesn’t need the old coot. I understand why Russell was feeling so confident — he’s run through a string of hotties since he dumped his maid, but it’s time for reality to set in. All of his “conquests” are wannabes or never-weres who had to put up with his old balls to get on Celebslam for a spread. Let’s be honest, Russell looks like the villain in any Guillermo del Toro film and quite frankly, he’s a colossal bore. If you ever suffer a spell of insomnia, YouTube Russell lecturing all of us mouth breathers on music and politics. Royce Gracie couldn’t put you to sleep faster.


February 29, 2012 - 8:00 am