Um, can he get a refund?

Lindsay Lohan at the amfAR benefit in New York (2/8)

You can tell the economy is on the rebound because people are doing stupid shit again. Like buying a piece of Lindsay Lohan “art” for $100,000. WTF? Screw the art — you could fuck Lindsay Lohan like 250 times for $100,000. From the New York Post:

Lindsay Lohan is rebuilding her movie career, but she’s still a hit in the art world. Domingo Zapata has just sold a piece of artwork comprised of Polaroid pictures of Lohan for more than $100,000. Zapata, who shot the images in his studio at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, is believed to have sold the work through the Hus Gallery to a prominent British collector.

The creation comprises four pictures of a platinum blond LiLo with a sultry look, and embellished with paint into an Adam and Eve story of original sin and the words, “An Apple . . . that I like . . . with a bite out of it. Adam and Eve changed mankind forever . . . started SIN . . . it was a plain simple apple hanging from a tree. Then the world changed for all of us.”

This Domingo Zapata fella must be one hell of a salesman, because he made $100K on pictures that are literally a dime a dozen. Unless you’re new here, you know that we’ve seen every ginger inch of Lindsay. The only parts of her beat-to-shit body we haven’t seen are the ones that require a CT Scanner.  Hell, for that much cash you should get a polaroid of Lindsay with her cold feet sticking out of the tub . . . too soon?


February 16, 2012 - 6:30 am