Whitney Houston is doing great – MORBID UPDATE: WHITNEY HOUSTON IS DEAD

Whitney Houston is a hot mess

ORIGINAL POST (Friday, Feb. 10): Pacific Coast News says
that’s a wasted Whitney Houston leaving Tru Hollywood nightclub last
night “appearing to have blood dripping down her leg and scratches on
her wrist.” I know, she’s making me all hot, too. In related news,
apparently you can now pay your bill with crack at Tru Hollywood
nightclub. I had no clue!

UPDATE (Saturday, 5:15 PST): Whitney Houston just died. Holy
shit. These are some of the last pictures of her alive. No word on what
killed her, but judging by these pictures, I think we can rule out a
skateboarding accident. More on Monday . . .

[Pacific Coast News]

February 11, 2012 - 5:15 am