Antonio Banderas was pickpocketed

Antonio Banderas leaving Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (3/6)

Antonio Banderas wasn’t planning on buying a new wallet last week in Budapest, but then again, plans change all the time. From (“The Daily Dish of Cosmopolitan Budapest”):

In perhaps the most exiting international celebrity news story to hit Hungary since teen heartthrob ROBERT PATTINSON WAS IN BUDAPEST!!!, we can now report not only that ANTONIO BANDERAS IS OR WAS IN BUDAPEST!!! but that ANTONIO BANDERAS WAS PICKPOCKETED IN BUDAPEST!!!. After arriving at Liszt Ferenc Airport to shoot an ad for an Italian company, he was tailed by a group of fans – mostly women! – and by the time he was getting into his limo ANTONIO DISCOVERED HIS WALLET WAS MISSING!!!. Although Banderas is said to have called the authorities right away following the incident, the city police did not confirm the incident.

Well fuck me, if you can’t carry your wallet through a pack of gypsies at the airport in the former Soviet Bloc country of Hungary, where can you carry it? This story has really shaken my faith in humanity.


March 13, 2012 - 3:00 pm