Ashton visited Demi in rehab

Ashton Kutcher visited Demi Moore in rehab

According to People, Ashton Kutcher visited Demi Moore last month in rehab. Well, duh. Bitch probably had the garage door opener.

Ashton Kutcher hasn’t spoken publicly about estranged wife Demi Moore since her health crisis began in January – but he has seen her, a source tells PEOPLE. The Two and a Half Men star has visited since her hospital stay, but “they are not getting back together,” according to the source.

Gosh, a guy fucks 14 college girls and his wife won’t give him a 15th chance. What a heartless monster . . .

[Ashton] went because “he knew it was important to her daughters,” says the source. Moore has three girls with ex-husband Bruce Willis. Daughter Rumer, 23, remains especially close with Kutcher despite his split from Moore.

Damn right Ashton went to visit the starmaker. America is finally catching on to the scam that is Ashton Kutcher’s celebrity, and it sure took long enough. Unless Ashton goes on a month-long coke binge, I don’t expect to see Two and a Half Men in the fall lineup. I’m not saying his career is dead without Demi overseeing it, but I heard it was found in a Beverly Hills hotel bathtub with its feet dangling over the sides.


March 6, 2012 - 12:30 pm