Christina Hendricks got hacked

Christina Hendricks hacked pics leak to web

Everything I said about Olivia Munn in the previous hacking story, but insert Christina Hendricks name. Christina’s rep is actually acknowledging that her phone was hacked and the photos are real . . . except the NSFW one where you can’t see her face (pic here, NSFW obviously):

“Christina’s phone was in fact hacked and photos were stolen. The proper authorities have been contacted in hopes of rectifying this situation. The topless image is fake and not an image of Christina.”

While choosing to believe that statement or not, keep in mind that reps are also the same people who use “exhaustion” as the primary excuse their coke whore of a client enters rehab. They have about as much credibility as an old shoe.

So is the topless pic real? The fine folks over at phun compared the boob veins in the topless pic with a photo of Christina’s cleavage, and based on that, concluded that it is indeed real. Wow, that might be the creepiest thing I’ve ever posted.

March 5, 2012 - 8:00 am