Katy Perry speaks the truth

Katy Perry arriving at Dover Street Market in London (3/19)

Katy Perry is wise beyond her years. Listen to her, ladies. Men, just keeping staring at her. From the New York Post:

Still stinging from her split with Russell Brand, soon-to-be divorcee Katy Perry warned a bachelorette on Saturday night, “Don’t do it! Don’t get married.” Bachelorette Laura Cooney was sporting a white dress and tiara when the blue-haired pop star approached her at London dance club Mahiki.

“She ran up to me, saying: ‘Don’t do it. Don’t get married!” Cooney explained to the UK’s Daily Mirror. “I said, ‘I thought you’d say that.’ She suddenly caught herself and said, ‘No, really … congratulations.'”

Bitter much? Katy, I really can’t think of anyone not named “Kardashian” that’s less qualified to give marriage advice than you. I mean, as hot as you are, you couldn’t hang on to a guy who’s often mistaken for a giant box of douche at Costco. Russell Brand might be a dipshit, but he hooked one of the biggest stars in the world and said “Nah, I can do better.” Katy, keep those opinions to yourself and stick to what you’re good at — squeezing those big jugs together and making goofy faces for the camera.


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March 22, 2012 - 2:15 pm