A million times yes!

Amanda Bynes is a trainwreck

Lindsay Lohan may start mentoring Amanda Bynes. Please let this happen. Please let this happen. Please let this happen. Please let this happen. From the Chicago Sun Times:

According to one of Lindsay Lohan’s best friends, the actress would be more than happy to chat with Amanda Bynes, hoping the young actress’ recent DUI arrest and resulting intense media scrutiny won’t mirror LiLo’s own troubled years — which now, happily, appear to behind her.

According to my own L.A. paparazzi sources, Bynes will be in for continuing attention from the paps — especially as the former child star continues to party hearty in the days since she was pulled over for that alleged DUI.

This is really happening? YES! Of all the gifts the good Lord baby Jesus has bestowed upon me, this is by far the greatest. Lindsay Lohan is gonna sponsor Amanda Bynes. No, your eyes are correct. Lindsay Lohan is gonna sponsor Amanda Bynes. This is such a wonderful piece of news, I might just take the summer off and follow these two birds around on the crazy train. Can you imagine the shenanigans that will occur by having Lindsay as your voice of reason? I’m thinking a mix of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Apocalypse Now, and Red Shoe Diaries. I hope you kids weren’t planning on taking a long vacation this year; I have feeling that the Tango & Cash of Nickelodeon will be featured heavily on Celebslam, as well as the rest of the rip-off sites (I’m looking right at you, Us Weekly). Stay tuned because something tells that this won’t end well.

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April 17, 2012 - 8:00 am