Madonna has the #1 album, except not really

Madonna has the #1 album, except not really

If any of this shadiness by Madonna surprises you, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re really really dumb. Like, shockingly so. You shouldn’t even be using a butter knife. From Forbes:

Madonna’s “MDNA” album is expected be the number 1 album in the country this week. Final numbers will come in later today. But in fact, Lionel Richie, with nearly 200,000 copies of his “Tuskegee” album sold – his best debut in 20 years or more – could post a valid complaint. It turns out that a hefty number of “MDNA” albums weren’t sold the usual way. Madonna’s label, Interscope, and Live Nation, which owns Ticketmaster, bundled the album with her ticket sales. For every ticket sold online to Madonna’s upcoming shows, purchasers automatically receive a copy of “MDNA.” They get a link to a free purchase on iTunes, or they can send in their mailing address for a physical CD. It doesn’t matter if the concert ticket is $52 or $350. It’s a smart marketing move for Interscope. It unnaturally inflates sales, and uses “MDNA” for what albums have become – souvenirs, or loss leaders.

Wait . . . wah? Is old lady Madge fudging numbers or not? I can’t really tell because I’m a good Christian soldier, but this looks an awful lot like that Kabbalah voodoo math that the kids are into these days. Doggonit, why is Interscope trying to screw over Lionel Richie? He clearly should be number one because, unlike Madonna, Lionel doesn’t fill the seats by tricking his dumb fans into thinking he’s giving out ectacy with each ticket bought (aka “MDMA”). Why is grandma doing it, you ask? It’s probably because Lionel is kinda black, which make Madonna kinda racist. I’m kidding, of course. By “kinda racist,” I mean “extremely hard on the eyes.”


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April 5, 2012 - 6:30 am