What a heartwarming tale

Oprah Winfrey leaving ABC Kitchen restaurant in Manhattan (4/4)

I have a feeling this is the kind of heartwarming tale we’ll be passing on for generations to come. It’s that important to world history. It’s. That. Important. Via the San Francisco Chronicle:

Director Tyler Perry showed off his generous side by handing his billionaire pal Oprah Winfrey a luxury car after she fell in love with his vehicle. And his generosity didn’t end there – when [Gayle] King called to thank him, he ordered another of the luxury motors for her.

King tells Vanity Fair magazine, “(Oprah admired the Bentley) so he sent her the same exact car. I called Tyler and told him how amazing that was because nobody ever does anything like that for her, on such a grand scale. And so, the next day when I got home, there was a Bentley in my driveway!”

So does this mean that Tyler will give me a Bentley if I tell him how much I like it, or do I need to be a one percenter before that happens? Hey Occupy Wall St., do you guys have anything to say about this or is mustering phony outrage two straight summers in a row too expensive for your suburbanite parents to cover? As for Moneybags Perry, I hope he really is that generous. I admire movies that don’t have Tyler in them, so it would be great if he could reach deep into his pockets and give everyone more of those.


April 10, 2012 - 8:00 am