Sofia Vergara’s mom lost her house

“I have wonderful breasts!”

Sofia Vergara’s mom lost her house after her [buxom, top-heavy, full-bosomed] daughter cut her off. Wait, Sofia Vergara has a mom? Is she hot? From In Touch Weekly:

Sure, Sofia Vergara has fame and fortune, but she’s not bailing her mother out of debt. Sofia’s mom, Margarita, had a home in the Biscaya IV Condominiums in Aventura, Fla., retailing at $140,000. But after owing the condo company just over $13,000 back in December, the home was foreclosed on when Sofia, 39, apparently didn’t offer financial assistance. Happy Mother’s Day!

Sofia Vergara is in a bind. One the one hand, she should help the woman who gave the world the gift that is Sofia Vergara. On the other, look at her. It’s SOFIA VERGARA. Women who look like her can do whatever the hell they want. I don’t care if Sofia runs puppies through meat grinders making sausages for orphans, she’s above it all as long as she doesn’t file stalking charges against me. Margarita, next time there’s a dust-up at Camp Vergara, give me a call before you crap on your daughter and those tits, please? You should consider herself lucky that Sofia didn’t give her a Colombian necktie for making this situation public.

April 26, 2012 - 9:15 am