That one guy from DWTS is cheating again

William Levy leaving Dancing with the Stars rehearsals in Hollywood (3/28)

William Levy, who was rumored to be banging J.Lo after her divorce and is starring on the current season of Dancing with the Stars, might even be hornier than Ashton Kutcher. From In Touch Weekly:

After weeks of cheering him on in the audience of Dancing with the Stars and accompanying him on dinner dates around Beverly Hills, it seems William Levy’s baby mama, Elizabeth Gutierrez, is giving her ex another chance. But after reportedly cheating on his long-suffering girlfriend at least 40 times during their eight-year relationship, it looks like William has not-so-shockingly returned to his philandering ways.

Just as Elizabeth, 34, rebuilds her trust after a brief split, In Touch can exclusively reveal that the Cuban-born playboy, 31, is having a sultry affair with LA-based restaurant hostess and aspiring actress [redacted]. Though the 25-year-old denies any wrongdoing, “[redacted] and William hooked up last week,” a friend of the Kate Mantilini greeter, who often goes by the stage name [redacted], tells In Touch. “He told her to keep quiet about it, because he didn’t want Elizabeth to find out.”

What’s a man supposed to do, huh? I’m sure Elizabeth Gutierrez is a lovely woman, especially considering how many times Big Willy strayed. In fact, there are those who would say she’s a good girl for not being a quitter. How could she be? Elizabeth sees that towering mountain of manliness every day — she knows women need a man’s man like William inside them. William, I’m sure that every morning — while you’re applying the perfect amount of blush, dabbing on pink lipstick, and being oh so liberal with the body glitter — the wife fully understands why ladies simply can’t resist such a specimen — especially once you have your ballerina slippers all laced up nice and pretty.

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April 27, 2012 - 9:15 am