Brooklyn Decker hates her body

Brooklyn Decker filming Just Go With It in Maui in 2010

In a recent interview with FabSugar, Brooklyn Decker pretty much said that she hates her body. Wow, if Brooklyn feels this way, you normal chicks have no chance. From the interview:

FabSugar: We’ve been following your Battleship tour and you have such a great eye for putting your looks together; how do you choose the right dress?

Brooklyn Decker: “I have help from a stylist, a good friend of mine. It’s her and I and we do it together, we’re such a team. The biggest thing is finding that balance between masculine and feminine. Because I’m such a tomboy, I hate showing off my body, and she’s always like ‘you have to show your figure.'”

If you really really really want to bang a tomboy, what does that make you? Gay? Bisexual? Tomsexual? Aw god dammit, I haven’t been this confused about my sexuality since that one time I fucked Ryan Seacrest. I kid, I kid.


May 2, 2012 - 1:00 pm