Gerard Butler is doing great

Gerard Butler at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio (4/15)

Remember when Gerard Butler went to rehab back in February to kick a booze and pull addiction? Um, he doesn’t. From the National Enquirer:

Gerard Butler has been partying non-stop since leaving rehab, and he’s on the brink of collapse, sources say. Now the 42-year-old Scottish stud’s celeb pals, including Jennifer Aniston and Charlize Theron, are begging him to ditch the party scene for fear of suffering a relapse.

“Gerard hasn’t come up for air since leaving rehab,” and insider told The Enquirer. “He’s out three to five nights a week and partying harder than ever. He’s flirting with disaster … Gerard’s friends all think he’s setting himself up for trouble. Jen and Charlize are both trying to convince him to treat himself to a long tropical vacation in a remote spot where he won’t be tempted by booze and women. Jen even got her boyfriend Justin Theroux to invite Gerard to tag along on sober, guys-only outings with his family-oriented buddies. Everyone is praying Gerard doesn’t crash and burn again.”

Oh geez, Leonidas, pull it together. Damn it man, I expect better than this from you. How is it that Gerard can survive a film rape like Dracula 2000, but washing down a couple of shots with a couple of skanks is bringing him to his knees?* I’ll have my people call his people, we’ll try to figure this thing out together. Normally I couldn’t care less about a 1 percenter standing on the edge of a cliff, but 300 was so badass that I actually wish him well. *peeks outside to see if pigs are flying*

*if you’ve never seen Dracula 2000, please watch it so you know what I mean. Think Showgirls with an even shallower script. Keeping Gerard viable as an actor after that pile of dung probably wasn’t as epic as Jesus returning from the dead, but it’s a close second place.


May 14, 2012 - 10:30 am