Nick Lachey is a dick

Nick Lachey is a dick

I don’t know if Nick Lachey is sincere or he’s just fucking with Jessica Simpson. Either way, touche Nick, touche. From Hollywood Life:

Lots of exes hate each other, but there doesn’t seem to be any ill will between Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. In fact, he (along with his wife, Vanessa Lachey) sent Jessica and her fiance, Eric Johnson, a big basket of gourmet cookies today celebrating Maxwell Drew’s birth.

“A large basket of pink and white cookies were delivered to Jessica’s hospital room at Cedars-Sinai earlier from Nick and Vanessa,” a source tells us exclusively. “The basket was delivered by Cookies By Design and included seven huge cookies with adorable baby girl decorations.”

Well played, Nick, well played indeed. Hopefully the subtle, assholish genius of this gift isn’t wasted on a simpleton like Jessica. Don’t know what I mean? Nick sent Big Jess a giant basket of enormous, fattening, sugar-laden cookies. That’s akin to leaving an 8-ball on Lindsay Lohan’s coffee table, or setting Demi Moore loose in the paint section at Home Depot — you KNOW that product is getting ingested. Nick sent food to a woman who gained over a hundred pounds during one pregnancy (over 45 kilos, for our metric speaking friends). If Nick really cared about Jessica, he would have sent her something useful like an elliptical machine or a Tony Romo swimsuit calendar from 2008. That’s right, I brought Tony into the conversation again. It’s still funny IMO, sue me.


May 4, 2012 - 10:30 am