Andrew Garfield is sort of a pussy

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield arriving at Tokyo International Airport (6/12)

Andrew Garfield tells Celebuzz that he was deathly afraid of filming a love scene with his Spider-Man co-star and current girlfriend Emma Stone. Probably because she’s annoying as fuck.

“The romantic scenes are free-falling, as they should be,” The Amazing Spider-Man lead Garfield, 28, told Celebuzz. “They were more frightening than swinging through the buildings, especially because it’s Emma and she’s terrifying!”

I can see why Andrew is quivering in his spandex over putting his relationship with Emma on display. Pretty much anything is scarier than NOT swinging in between buildings in front of green screens. Come on, Andy, Spider-Man promises to have so much CGI in it that it’s gonna make those dopey Transformers movies look like an indy documentary series on the complexities of opening and closing doors. He’s not even in the room when these scenes are created. No, Andrew is afraid of getting what Emma thinks is romantic on film, i.e. Emma’s “special belt.” If a chick was dominating my butthole the way Emma undoubtedly does Andrew’s, I wouldn’t want any film evidence of those acts, either. It’s funny, thanks to CGI, I’ve seen a T Rex walk down a San Diego street, but it can’t hide the Lexington Steele replica strap ons that Emma uses in her kissing scenes.


June 14, 2012 - 12:15 pm