Julianne Hough is the big winner

Julianne Hough in St. Barts last year

Ryan Seacrest is one lucky beard– oops, I mean “guy.” He is one lucky guy. Via Contact Music:

Julianne Hough has topped a list of the best summer bodies. The Rock of Ages star – who is dating American Idol host Ryan Seacrest – beat off competition from stars including Gwen Stefani and Kate Hudson to take the top spot in Women’s Health’s magazine’s third annual list of the hottest celebrity beach bodies.

According to the magazine: “This multitalented 23-year-old hates the gym and turns to celeb fitness trainer Tracy Anderson for total-body ‘dance-y’ workouts. When on the road, she mixes up sessions with her trainer and P90X DVDs. After all that hard work, Julianne follows a strict diet. When dining out, her order generally looks like this: a mixed green salad with lemon (and without cheese) and salmon with mixed vegetables–no oil or salt.”

Of course Julianne is the big winner. Click on her pic to get the full sized shot, then I DARE YOU not to masturbate. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Back already? Geez, that was fast, maybe you should see a doctor about that, quick draw. Anyways, this chick has absolutely everything going for her these days: the body, the looks, the talent, and she’s smart enough to not get into public battles with former A-listers (X-tina, I’m talking about you).

The only thing wrong with Julianne Hough is that disgusting growth on her side — it’s awful. Why she hasn’t had it removed, I’ll never know, but hopefully she takes care of it before it becomes cancer. Of course by “growth” I mean Ryan Seacrest. Get rid of that thing and you’ll go as far as you wanna go, but I can tell you it won’t be standing in front of a justice of the peace unless you like your grooms to have sugar in their shoes.

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June 1, 2012 - 5:00 pm