Tara Reid: ‘Botched liposuction has really made me grow as a person’

Tara Reid and her melting stomach

Tara Reid tells the new issue of Reveal magazine that plastic surgeons wreaking havoc on her body over the years has been a good learning experience. Yes, of course. Quote via Contact Music:

“I think when people are so hard on you, you start getting hard on yourself. You start getting a little paranoid. But you have to back off to a certain degree. What can you really change? Yes, there are a million things you would say you’d do different but you learn from those life lessons. That defines you as a character. Perhaps I haven’t made the best decisions in the past, but at the time you don’t know any different As you get older you can look back and says, ‘OK, ‘I’m gonna learn from that experienced and grown from a lot of the experiences I’ve been through.'”

Why would Tara wish she could do a million things differently? Every single one of her decisions gets an A+ in my book. Tara Reid is still the biggest star that ever came out of that horse shit American Pie franchise. I know, Sean William Scott seems pretty cool and the chick that stuck a flute in her pussy has a sitcom now, but if you had to remember a single castmember by name, who do you think of? It’s Tara Reid, motherfuckers. And remember, Tara wasn’t the star of the movie, it was the pie-fucker . . . what’s his name? Oh that’s right, the original Shia LaBeouf. Personally, I think we owe Tara a debt of gratitude. Before Paris, Britney, Lindsay, and Kim, there was Tara, drunkenly blazing a trail of self-destruction for all to follow. You could say she’s the Rosa Parks of shameless attention whores . . . wait, did Rosa Parks ever get drunk and flash her cooter?

[Pacific Coast News]

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June 7, 2012 - 12:30 pm