Demi Moore probably wants to bang A-Rod

Demi Moore on the set of Very Good Girls in Brooklyn (7/11)

Is Madonna gonna beat the living shit out of Demi Moore? Sure, why not. From the New York Post:

Demi Moore pulled a best-friend faux pas Sunday night. According to a source at the celeb-trendy restaurant The Lion in the West Village, the recently rehabbed actress dined with Madonna’s ex-beau Alex Rodriguez and two other pals in the eatery’s private area reserved for VIPs. Moore, who is so close to the singer that she has hosted Oscar after-parties with her Madgesty, stayed at the restaurant with the group until approximately 3 a.m. Although we hear A-Rod’s lady-friend, Torrie Wilson, was not present at the Yankee slugger’s side, a Rodriguez source says, “They’re definitely still together.” We’re wondering what Madge has to say about Demi and A-Rod’s bonding time, however.

Madonna has a problem with Demi? Fuck Madge! Who cares if that artificial-hip-waiting-to-happen doesn’t endorse Demi’s swooping in on A-Rod? She needs to understand that Demi’s career bottomed out when she went into rehab for huffing paint. Hollywood tolerates many things such as drug and spousal abuse, racism, homophobia, tax evasion, communism, Sean Penn, socialism, and pedophiles, but one thing it will never accept are 50-year-old+ actresses. Demi’s now a has-been looking to get off playing D-list Wheel of Penises. Let the girl have her fun.

[Pacific Coast News]

July 19, 2012 - 10:30 am