Leo DiCaprio may have found the one

Erin Heatherton in St. Barts last August

Bar Refaeli couldn’t do it. Blake Lively couldn’t do it. Will Erin Heatherton be the one to finally tame Leo DiCaprio’s wild heart? And more importantly, is that the gayest thing ever written on this site? From Star:

“Up until now, Leo’s ladies have been prissy, girly types,” says a source. “But when he met Erin he realized he had found not only a beautiful women but a talented athlete as well! Erin loves sports and in fat was headed for a career as a basketball player when a modeling again approached her on a Miami beach seven years ago.”

“Leo is also a huge basketball fan,” says the source. “He has a full court at his home in L.A. and is a Lakers season ticket holder. Whenever he and Erin are together they are always doing something physical, like hiking in nearby canyons, riding their mountain bikes or playing ball together. They never run out of fun activities to do … Leo has been a real holdout when it comes to getting married. But with a girl like Erin, who has beauty, brains and can shoot hoops, he may finally have found his future wife!”

Wow, bike rides and Lakers games. I hate to piss on everyone’s parade, but that’s Leo’s modus operandi. He gets to know everything about his conquests, teases marriage, then dumps them like yesterday’s mushroom risotto. Just ask Bar Rafaeli. She thought Leo was getting fast tracked into the Mossad, then suddenly he “wasn’t flourishing” when hearing the whispers of marriage, and her ass was on the curb. That’s how us playas role, playa.

July 11, 2012 - 8:00 am