Katy Perry and that one guy are getting serious

Katy Perry outside Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios in West Hollywood (6/25)

A few months ago, it was rumored that Katy Perry was dating Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd. And then they broke up. And then they got back together again. And then they broke up. And then they got back together again. And now they’re not just moving in together, but also buying a house. Seems like a wise decision for such a stable couple. A source told Star:

“Rob has been staying with Katy in L.A., but now he needs to be in England because he’s playing all the summer festivals. He begged her to go with him,” says the source. “At first Katy wasn’t sure because he’s got such a ladies’ man reputation [sound familiar?] and only recently split from his ex.”

But he insisted he’d put his bad-boy ways behind him to be with her. Rob, 29, even went so far as to take out his iPhone and delete the numbers of every single ex-girlfriend right in front of Katy.  “He told her he just really wanted to be with her all the time and that it would be all fun and no drama,” say the source. “She was so taken with the gesture that she agreed to do it.”

Very slick, Bobby. Look at you, pretending to delete your contacts even though your pics will be safely stored on whatever Mac or PC your iPhone syncs to. Hell, show Katy how much you care by throwing your Mac/PC into the Thames River — luckily for you, all contacts, pics, and even notes are stored in your iCloud. Isn’t that great? With all the technological advances we’ve made these days, it’s nearly impossible to lose contact with your whores. Thanks Steve Jobs!


July 9, 2012 - 9:45 am