Nicole Richie is bitter

Nicole Richie at the House of Harlow launch event at David Jones in Sydney, Australia (5/26)

Nicole Richie thought appearing on the debut season of NBC’s Fashion Star was going to be her big break in the fashion world, but it turns out that no one gives a shit about Nicole Richie. Especially the guy behind the main camera who keeps pointing it at co-star Jessica Simpson. A source told the National Enquirer:

“Nicole doesn’t see how there’s room for both [Jessica and her] on the set,” a source tells The Enquirer. “Nicole is relatively demure and collected, while Jessica is so over the top she just sucks the air out of the room. As the show progressed, Nicole saw herself becoming second banana to Jessica, and that’s not what she signed on for.”

Nicole Richie should thank her lucky stars that Jessica sees her as second banana and not as a second piece of cake because, had she done so, Nicole would be a cellulite bubble on Jessica’s ass now. Continuing…

The two women have had parallel careers in that both were reality stars who went on to launch their own fashion lines. But while Jessica’s empire is worth and estimated $1 billion, Nicole’s House of Harlow only brings in about $2 million annually. “Nicole’s originally believed that by doing the show, she could increase the visibility of her line and maybe score some product endorsements or acting jobs,” the source maintains. “But she hasn’t gotten the boost she wanted … She’d rather jump ship now than watch Jessica be Queen Bee next season.” (Print Edition – 6/15)

“Jessica’s empire is worth and estimated $1 billion, Nicole’s House of Harlow only brings in about $2 million annually.” Yeah, I can understand why Nicole has a problem with that statement — it depresses the hell out of me, too. It wasn’t too long ago that Jessica was wearing leopard prints with grandma jeans, and now she’s a fashion icon? December 2012 can’t get here soon enough for either of us, babe.


July 16, 2012 - 6:30 am