Stacy Keibler might be pregnant

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler in Lake Como, Italy (6/19)

No way in hell this is true, but George Clooney —  who keeps coat hangers and bottles of RU486 in his nightstand, probably — might have knocked up Stacy Keibler. From Star:

Forget the ring! George Clooney is making an even bigger commitment to Stacy Kiebler – she’s having his baby! Stacy, who usually flaunts a fat-free frame, debuted a suspicious-looking bump on June 16 while on vacation with George at Lake Como in Italy, where he has a palatial waterfront mansion. “People were buzzing that she was pregnant,” the source exclaimed. “There was definitely a bump, and she just seemed so peaceful and calm. All her friends are really excited for her!”

With a green light from her 51-year-old beau, the former pro wrestler has wasted no time in turning their twosome into a family. “Stacy told her friends she and George might be getting pregnant. Some of them are even saying that she is already knocked up but it’s too soon to tell everyone yet. She’s absolutely thrilled!”

Well, look at that. All this time I thought Stacy was George’s beard. I never even considered that he’d be able to appreciate Stacy’s smoking hot body enough to infect her with children, and I’m pretty sure that science still isn’t allowing live births through the turd cutter. Oh well, I guess I should congratulate the happy couple (assuming that this is true or if science really is black magic). Damn it, first Lindsay Lohan keeps beating the odds in the Celebrity Death Pool at work, and now I lost another entry in my Guess the Queer raffle. I’m putting all of my money on you, Pitt. don’t let me down!


July 12, 2012 - 6:30 am