Alec Baldwin is still an asshole

Alec Baldwin out and about in New York (7/2)

Wait, that Alec Baldwin? He’s being an asshole? Are we sure we don’t have him confused with some other Alec Baldwin? He seems like an utterly charming and pleasant fella. From the New York Post:

For most, a Sunday church service is a moment for peace, worship and reflection — unless Alec Baldwin is in your congregation. Sources tell us that some of the parishioners at Most Holy Trinity Parish in East Hampton are so sick of Baldwin’s blustering that a group stood up and turned their backs on the hot-tempered star as he gave a reading from the pulpit.

A source told us of the protesting parishioners on July 29: “Alec loves to be the center of attention and often reads from the pulpit, which really annoys some in the congregation. It is so bad that, one recent Sunday, he went up to read, and part of the congregation stood and rudely turned their backs on him. Even though he has generously given a lot of money to the town, there are people who just don’t like him. He has a need for attention and shows up at every event. When people go to the church, they don’t want to see the movie star up there.”

Remember when the only people who read from the pulpit were kid-touchers? Can we go back to that? Because I’d rather get old priest goo injected into my lower intestine than listen to that pompous tool go on and on about how we can’t get to heaven unless we vote for Obama. BTW, Most Holy Trinity parishioners, maybe the jerk-off would stay away if you stopped calling him a movie star. Alec is a dickhead, not a movie star . . . but I do understand where the confusion comes from.


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August 14, 2012 - 6:30 am