Katie Holmes is ready to party

Katie Holmes leaving Soul Cycle in New York (7/18)

Since her split from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has gone crazy. But in the good, slutty way. From the National Enquirer:

Katie Holmes spent $15,000 on lingerie following her split from Tom Cruise. The former Dawson’s Creek actress – whose divorce from the actor was finalized earlier this week – reportedly went on a lavish spending spree to cheer herself up following the breakdown of her five-year marriage.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: “Katie treated herself to a lavish post-split pick me up shopping spree. She splurged on nearly $15,000 worth of sexy lingerie and undergarments alone.She also bought 15 pairs of pricey Christian Louboutin shoes and went on a tear at Barneys New York department store, buying a closet’s worth of clingy cocktail dresses and power suits to wear to auditions and meetings.”

Good for Katie, it’s about time she got her sexy back on. She was about to become one of Hollywood’s big leading ladies until she got GHB’d by Tom and his money. Too bad she didn’t read the fine print on her marriage contract, because in vitro fertilization doesn’t count as sex and it’s pretty easy to assume that Katie has been untouched by lil’ Tommy the last couple of years. I can absolutely see her jump on the first dick that isn’t afraid of the Scientology goon squad — might I suggest UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva? It had better be somebody who can not only take a punch but can also dish out some pain, so why not the greatest fighter of all time? The Scientologist security teams don’t play around, especially not when concerning the mother of the antichrist. Praise Xenu.


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August 28, 2012 - 9:15 am