Suri Cruise demands a private jet

Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise in Manhattan (7/18)

In his bid to win the affection of his daughter Suri, Tom Cruise is creating a little monster. A little monster WHO MUST BE DESTROYED! Well, maybe not. But she is going to be a high maintenance little bitch when she gets older. From the Chicago Sun Times:

From the helicopter trip to pal Steven Spielberg’s Hamptons estate for a swimming party, to that private jet down to Disney World for Suri’s personal costume soiree as the Little Mermaid, to all the toys and fancy clothes he’s gifted her with the past few weeks, Camp Holmes is worried about the impact it’s having on the 6-year-old.

“This is not good,” said a friend of Holmes from Ohio, where her parents still live. “As if Suri wasn’t already spoiled enough, this is only making it worse. … Now she’s demanding only travel on private planes, for God’s sake. She’s just 6. Can you imagine what she’ll be like by the time she’s a teenager, if this keeps up? Plus Tom never disciplines her one little bit. Katie is the one who has to do that, and it’s not good for that to be so totally one-sided.”

Jealous? You should be. Katie Holmes and the rest of you need to understand that the elite like Suri and myself have a certain lifestyle that most can’t comprehend. We one-percenters are operating on a totally different Thetan level than the rest of you — deal with it. Look guys, certain perks have been made available to us by Big Bad Xenu: we don’t sit in traffic with the riffraff; we don’t pay taxes; and we certainly don’t share the sky with ham-and-eggers like you people. Now fetch me my slippers made of the finest Egyptian cotton.

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August 7, 2012 - 10:30 am