Victoria Beckham wins gold in the 100m Diva

Victoria Beckham in Paris, France (7/23)

I hate to spoil the surprise, especially since so many of you must be fans, but the Spice Girls are performing at the Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics this Sunday. And naturally, Victoria Beckham is demanding $15,000 for someone to do her hair and makeup. Naturally. How could hair and makeup possibly cost less than that? A source told Hollyscoop:

“Victoria Beckham has outrageous demands. Lets just say that they are paying at least $15,000 for Victoria Beckham’s hair, make-up and stylist. In comparison, the other Spice Girls cost one-fourth of what Victoria is costing.”

However, her diva behavior is causing a rift in the group.

“All of the diva stories about Victoria are true. This is pissing off the other Spice Girls. They don’t understand why she is getting special treatment,” adds the source.

Look, I’ll volunteer to pull away the veil of shit that Scary, Ugly, Dykie, and Slutty Spice wove themselves in regards to their lone famous member: In our final year on this Earth of 2012, Victoria Beckham is bigger than all of you cows combined. Bananarama has more pull right now than the Spice Girls (don’t know if that comment goes over as an insult in Britannia, but in America, dems be fightin’ words). And believe me, I agree that Victoria brings absolutely nothing to the table, but as long as she keeps pumping out kids with stupid names for that guy that sells smoothies, she’ll remain the Greg of your Brady Bunch.

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August 8, 2012 - 12:00 pm