Nicki Minaj is not into chicks

Nicki Minaj films a music video in Oahu earlier this year

Sorry chicks, Nicki Minaj is into dicks. From Contact Music:

Nicki Minaj has upset her legion of gay fans by confessing she was joking when she once stated she was bisexual. For years, the hip-hop star’s fans have believed she enjoys sex with men and women, but Minaj has come clean in a new Rolling Stone interview, revealing she made the sex confession to score a few headlines at the beginning of her career.

The Super Bass hitmaker tells the publication, “I think girls are sexy, but I’m not going to lie and say that I date girls.”

Oh my dear lord baby Jesus in his manger, Nicki Minaj isn’t who she says she is? Next thing you know, this dope will admit that her hair isn’t really pink or green or whatever the hell color it is this week. How will her peers ever be able to trust her again? The fake drug kingpins, make-believe gangsters, and pimp posers really need to band together and once and for all clear the air on what lies are acceptable in the pillar of honesty I like to call the Hip Hop community.


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September 7, 2012 - 6:30 am