Baron Davis might be nailing Demi Moore

Demi Moore leaving her home in L.A. (10/21)

New York Knicks’ point guard Baron Davis might be nailing Demi Moore. Which actually makes a lot of sense. Think about the great conversations they must have. “You used to be relevant? I used to be relevant, too!” From the New York Post:

Demi Moore has been spending time in town with former Knick Baron Davis, sparking some gossip that a romance could be in the offing. NBA star Davis, who is recovering from a knee injury and undergoing physical therapy in New York, was spotted dining with Moore and a group of friends at Meatpacking District hot spot Catch on Friday. Moore and Davis were also spotted at a late-night dinner with a few other friends last Wednesday at Ken & Cook in NoLIta. But sources tell us Demi, whose lawyers are still wrangling over the finances of the divorce settlement with Ashton Kutcher, and Davis are “just friends and know each other from Los Angeles, where he is from.”

I can understand why Demi is doing this since her career is in shambles (even though she was a decent actress), but this isn’t a path to success anymore. Getting plowed by black dudes hasn’t been considered taboo for a while now — civil rights pioneer Kim Kardashian made sure of that. In 1960, being seen in public with a brotha would’ve gotten a lady kicked out of Hollywood. Today getting peed on by one makes you an instant celebrity. BTW, if you read this Pulitzer piece and think it’s racist, then you are probably racist. Deep, I know. Like Demi now.


October 25, 2012 - 6:30 am