Ha Ha, you suck Kardashians

Ha Ha, you suck Kardashians

Three separate neighborhoods in Miami blocked Kim and Kourtney Kardashian from moving in and filming the new season of their reality show there. Gee, I don’t understand why. Who wouldn’t want to live in the reality show version of an Afghan war zone? From Belle Isle Blog:

Their efforts to get homeowner approval in three Beach neighborhoods were dashed (sorry!) — on the Sunset Islands, DiLido Island and on North Bay Road, according to Raul Gonzalez of Miami Beach’s Office of Film and Print. In each case, they needed signatures from the immediate neighbors of the home they wanted to use for three months of non-stop filming, and well as support from 90 percent of homeowners within 500 feet. Residents complained the film crews and paparazzi would disrupt their quiet neighborhoods.

So, where will Kim and Kourtney be? “They found a place  in a gated community in North Miami Beach,” just north of Oleta River State Park, Gonzalez said.

I’m willing to bet my precious left testicle that this particular situation wasn’t planned out by Team KKK, even though history shows otherwise. Remember, every single faked press event is painted to make a Kardashian look likeable, even though they’re about as likable as the bullet-riddled corpse of Muammar Gaddafi. They’re sorta like Barack Obama. Back in the good ol’ days of 2008, there wasn’t anyone in the world as universally liked as Obama. But in 2012? Not so much. The word “Kardashian” is as cringe-inducing as the word “Obamacare,” and that’s a hell of a downfall for any attention whore to take.

BTW, don’t be mad, bro. I lifted this article from Fox News.


October 17, 2012 - 6:30 am