Sophia Bush is nuts

Sophia Bush leaving Vintage Clothing in L.A. (8/24)

Who knew Sophia Bush was so crazy? No, I mean besides all of her ex-boyfriends. Via Contact Music:

Actress Sophia Bush was so inspired by daredevil Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic skydive in New Mexico on Sunday she wants to jump to earth from great heights. The One Tree Hill star admits she’s a huge skydiving fan and has secretly jumped out of planes six times over California. Now she wants a new challenge after watching Baumgartner jump from a capsule 24 miles above the earth.

She tells news show Access Hollywood Live, “I want to do that… I would do that in a heartbeat… I usually jump at 13,000 feet. I like the tandem because you can kind of convince your person to let you do crazier things than you’re allowed to do if you just get certified by yourself but I wanna get certified because now I’ve done it enough.”

God, I sure do hate autumn. This is another bullshit filler story because all of the crazy attention whores are either on their real vacations or in 30-day lockdowns at Promises Detox. I don’t care if Sophia Bush wants to swan dive off a building into a thimble of clam chowder (unless she does it topless). This is about as exciting as a D-list actor going around a NASCAR track doing 100 mph. Am I being too negative? I saw this guy jump out of a balloon that was pretty much in orbit and YAWNED HARD. I’m sorry, but my perspective on what’s exciting completely and irreversibly changed when I saw 2 Girls, 1 Cup. A man breaking the sound barrier without powered flight is nothing compared to a woman eating shit out of another woman’s asshole. Aw crap, I hope my mom’s not reading the site today.


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October 17, 2012 - 12:30 pm