Dina Lohan really sets the bar low with her kids

Dina Lohan is really proud of her daughter

Dina Lohan tells Entertainment Tonight that she’s just so proud of her daughter Lindsay for admitting that she has a drug problem and is finally seeking help on her own accord without pressure from others lied about her being high on coke last month when the two got into a fight. Oh gosh, what a proud moment for a mother. She said:

“Absolutely lied. We were having an argument, it escalated, and [Lindsay], in her weakest moment called someone. She called [her father] and he recorded the conversation. She just wanted to hurt me at that moment … I hate cocaine. I don’t do cocaine. I’m so proud of her for telling the truth because it destroyed me. I cried for weeks. It just hurt me so bad and she knew how horrible that was and she came clean and told the truth that she lied. I’m very proud of her for that.”

Wow, this reminds me a lot of my own mom . . . just replace “proud that I finally admitted that she wasn’t high on coke” to “proud that I graduated from one of the best universities in the world and have never woken up in a ditch or met with my probation officer because I don’t have a fucking probation officer” . . . but then again, my mom sets the bar a little higher for me than “habitually lying coke whore.”


November 20, 2012 - 12:15 pm