Elizabeth Hurley fell into a ditch

Elizabeth Hurley leaving her house in London (10/17)

I think Lindsay Lohan can definitely relate to this story, though to be fair, Elizabeth didn’t actually wake up in a ditch. Via Contact Music:

Elizabeth Hurley injured her back after falling in a ditch. The actress was walking her dogs in the Gloucestershire countryside in South West England when the incident took place [last week], and felt so terrible she had to take super-strong pain killers belonging to her boyfriend Shane Warne. Writing on twitter yesterday, she said: “Just back from dog walking & feeling a million times better for the fresh air … However, one wellington leaked and I have a soaking wet foot, plus I fell into a ditch”

A few hours later, she wrote: “My back killing me after, er, falling into that ditch. Rifling through @warne888’s meds bag to nick his super strong pain killers…”

Wow, I’m nominating Elizabeth Hurley for the most boring tweets of 2012. Even though she’s getting a little long in the tooth, Elizabeth has the potential to easily gain 100,000 followers overnight — just lose the dignity and “accidentally” tweet a nude pic every once in a while. Hey, I’ll meet her halfway — Liz can send me some spread eagle pics (ask Vanessa Hudgens for tips) and I’ll post them. We can both get extra followers and she can even issue a statement saying that the pics were meant for my eyes only. See how I take care of everybody? You’re welcome.


November 13, 2012 - 2:15 pm