Justin Bieber was trying to pull ass at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Justin Bieber and Jessica Hart at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York (11/7)

Justin Bieber was in a horny mood Wednesday night at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Basically, if you had a vagina and could overlook the fact that someone hadn’t started growing pubic hair yet, he wanted your phone number. From Page Six:

According to several sources, Bieber was “asking for phone numbers from the girls” throughout taping of the show and at the afterparty.

“He was hitting on the girls all day,” added one witness. “He was asking for their numbers.”

One VS model Bieber was able to strike up a friendship with was Cara Delevingne. The British beauty — who clearly has a thing for ‘tween stars, having dated One Direction’s Harry Styles — tweeted a photo of herself cuddling Bieber at the show, which airs on CBS on Dec 4. And at Lavo, Delevingne was spotted climbing toward Bieber’s table to chat to the singer.

Poor poor Selena Gomez — she must be absolutely devastated by these allegations. If I was her, I would get revenge on this little asshole in the most embarrassing way possible. I’d find someone so low in society that even child molesters don’t want to be seen with him — a celebrity gossip blogger — and just hatefuck the shit out of him. We’ll show Justin not to mess with you!

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November 9, 2012 - 5:00 pm